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Jingdezhen Comprehensive College
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Jingdezhen Comprehensive College

School Introduction

Jingdezhen Comprehensive College is a full-time and comprehensive one for professional training. It is located in the western part of Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, a noted scenic spot of Panlonggang . It faces Cidu Road and is adjacent to the well-known Jingdezhen Porcelain Historical Museum, a national base of patriotism education. The scenery and surroundings of the campus are beautiful. The College's aim and purpose is to train junior middle school teachers of all subjects and qualified local management personnel, technicians on the other fronts, meanwhile it also trains some specialized personnel of some specialized subjects for other provinces. At present, the college consists of nine departments with a total of forty specialities, in addition there are two teaching and research sections and one research institute. By the end of 2007, It has an enrollment of about 8,500 students .Of the 367 staff members, 139 are professors and associate professors,118 are lecturers, and 110  are teaching assistants, More than 163 are postgraduates with Master's degree or doctorate. There are also some guest professors, most of them are scholars, experts and artists who are well-known both at home and abroad .Uniting itself to Wuhan University, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, the college runs full-time undergraduate classes and all kinds of classes for advanced studies, correspondence, and self- taught courses, which train various kinds of qualified personnel for the society with various kinds of forms and ways.


The campus covers an area of more than 986 mu with a floorage of 200,000 square meters. The total of teaching instruments and equipments is over30,000,000 yuan. To update the reaching facilities and satisfy the constantly renewed requirements, Computer Center, Psychoconsultation Center, Audio- Lingual Labs, Micro-style Teaching Lab., Audio- Visual Language Lab, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Lab, Biological Lab., and Physical Educational Lab., etc. have been established.



Since the founding of the college (nearly 30 years), the college has made many achievements in scientific research work, the teaching quality and results rise steadily. By the end of the year 2,000 , the college has provided the society with about 10,000 qualified personnel. Some are professional backbones on all fronts, some are leaders, and some are entrepreneurs and crackajacks in making fortune. More than ten won the title of national and provincial excellent teachers, and some of them are postgraduates with Master and Doctor's degree.The students at college participate English and computer grade proficiency tests every year and the pass rate rises year by year. The pass rate of our college in English Proficiency Test(Band 6) ranks the first among all the colleges and universities of Jiangxi Province, Which is organzed by the Educational Department of Jiangxi Province. The works of art made by the students of the Fine Arts Department frequently win the prizes in all kinds of competitions both at home and abroad, It's a matter of common occurrence that the articles written by the students of liberal arts are published in newspapers and magazines. The scientific research work has made great progress, Among more than 1,000 scientific achievements made by the staff members, some items have been awarded the provincial and the State Scientific progress prizes.


In order to meet the needs of educational development , Jingdezhen Comprehensive College has designed a blueprint of development in the new century, that is to respond to the action plan of promoting education facing the 21st century made by the Education Ministry, further its reform, strengthen the construction of college subjects and teachers , expand its scope of running , improve its condition of running and widen the channel of running. It is striving to build itself into a virgorous brand new college with its own features and its unique characteristics in accordence with requirement of the times.


Requirements for Foreign Teachers Wishing to teach English in China:


Age: 23 to 58 years old

Academic Degree and Speciality: having at least bachelor's degree

Teaching Experience: better obtaining the experience of teaching English as a foreign language

Employment Periold: one semester, a year or more than that

Other Requirements: from English native speaking countries such as America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand ,ect.

Treatment and Pay for International travel (going to and from China): be paid by the Institute

Monthly Salary(RMB): RMB4500 to 5000 yuan

In-China Travelling Expense: be paid by the Institute

Accommodation: an apartment with a bedroom,a reading-room ,a sitting- room, a kitching room and a bathroom, having air-conditioning, telephone, water shower, refrigerator, washing machine, color TVset, etc.

Medical Treatment Fee: Medical insurance in China will be undertaken by the institute signed in the contract

Other: Responsible for the travelling allowance regulated by China during holidays.


Responsibility of Foreign Teachers :(see details from the contract)

The Begining and End of Each Semester: spring semester starts from mid-February to mid-July of each year,autumn semester starts from september 1st to mid-January or early February of next year

Weekly teaching hours: 16 to 20 hours

Extra work out of classrom: part-job for the English training of young faculty members as well as guiding for students in English club

Other: rate of monthly salary is depending on the academic degree, teaching period and efficiency




Jingdezhen Comprehensive College


Ms Zheng (Lily)












Jingdezhen City,Jiangxi Province

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